Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear

Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear

At Klenex, we Design,Size ,Supply, install & Commission Low and Medium Voltage switchgear. Call us for low Voltage power Needs( 220, 415v upto 1000v low voltage supplies) and Medium Voltage power needs i.e 6.3Kv, 11KV

We also do routine Preventive maintenance of low and medium voltage substation and switchgear upto 11kv 

We offer Power audit and equipment efficiency checks including Harmonics are verified during Power analysis. We utilise Data Loggers and Megger to verify the parameters.

We supply Power testing and Maintenance Tools and Equipement for various applications.

We deal on a wide range of switchgear including the following ABB, MERLIN GERIN, L&T 

We provide Hybrid Power systems i.e PV power( Solar), Diesel Generator and Grid through and Intergrated power control sysem for redundant power supply.