“>Business Strategy

“>Business Strategy

The integrity and independence of Klenex Engineering Limited has enables us to provide services in a number of disciplines i.e. Engineering Services, design and consultancy services.

We provide an integrated planning, management and engineering services to our clients by implementing our business strategy of effective and sustainable Engineering Business solutions.

We stick by the simple rules as follows:

  • Creating high plant and equipment reliability for optimum cost and production performance.
  • Harnessing a standardized and systematic approach where all losses are minimized and/or known.
  • Providing practical and transparent ingredients to reach operational excellence.
  • Managing risks and devising appropriate metrics to achieve cost objectives and control asset life cycle.
  • Implementing total Equipment reliability in the 3Ps (People, Process and Performance).
  • Analyzing and setting up best practice maintenance schedules
  • Knowing the equipment/parts history for reliable and safe operation.
  • Specific product knowledge acquired in the field owing to our vast experience in engineering services
  • For maximum safety, we strongly recommend only specific certified Klenex specialists to execute the specialized jobs i.e. Overhaul (Cost, Risk. Time etc.)

Thanks to its multi‐disciplinary capability, Klenex offers fully‐integrated delivery teams to our clients. We have a strong commitment to local business development and sustainability. With a proven track record of major project delivery for our clients, Klenex has established a regional client base.

Klenex is committed to providing Quality Engineering Services, Quality is meeting our clients’ desires in terms of design criteria, schedule, and budget, in a professional and sustainable manner.